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3D Flower Card

3D Flower Card

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Elevate your greetings with our exquisite 3D Flower Cards. Handmade with precision and care using high-quality paper, these cards are more than just a gesture – they're a work of art that brings joy and beauty to any occasion.

Available in a variety of stunning designs, including large bouquets of roses, tulips, sunflowers, and lilies, our 3D Flower Cards capture the essence of nature's splendour. Each card boasts intricate detailing and vibrant colours, creating a lifelike representation that is sure to impress.

Measuring 24.5cm in width and 29cm in height, these cards make a bold statement with their size and elegance. The envelope, with a width of 27cm and a length of 34.5cm, perfectly complements the grandeur of the card, ensuring a stunning presentation from start to finish.

Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just a heartfelt message to a loved one, our 3D Flower Cards add a touch of beauty and sophistication to every occasion. Send your warmest wishes in style with these breathtaking creations.


Product Information:

Material: Paper
Craft: Handmade

Size and Type:

Bouquet of Roses: 24.5cm (width) x 29cm,

Bouquet of Tulips: 24.5cm (width) x 29cm,

Bouquet of Sunflowers: 24.5cm (width) x 29cm

Bouquet of Lilies: 24.5cm (width) x 29cm

Envelope Size: Width 27cm x 34.5cm




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