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LED Candle Light

LED Candle Light

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Introducing our LED Candle Light, a charming addition to any setting, offering the warm glow of traditional candles with the modern convenience of technology. Crafted from high-quality paraffin and housed in elegant glass plating, these electronic candles bring a touch of sophistication to your space.

Experience the ambiance of flickering candlelight without the worry of open flames or messy wax. Perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere in any room, our LED Candle Light adds a touch of elegance to dinner parties, romantic evenings, or relaxing nights at home. With the convenience of remote control, you can easily adjust settings from anywhere in the room. Illuminate your space with the timeless charm of our LED Candle Light.

Product Information:
- Product Category: Candle
- Material: Paraffin
- Process: Injection
- Candle Type: Electronic candle
- Shape: Cylindrical
- Size Options: Smoky gray battery remote control (swing head), transparent white battery remote control (swing head), amber gold battery remote control (swing head)
- Material Composition: Glass plating + paraffin wax + electronic components
- Colour: Emitting a warm yellow light, the head of the flame will swing and move.


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