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Plush Paradise Sofa Cushion Backrest

Plush Paradise Sofa Cushion Backrest

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Say goodbye to bland backrests and hello to comfort with our Plush Paradise Sofa Cushion Backrests! Available in whimsical Rabbit, playful Panda, charming Husky, adorable Elephant, and lovable Shiba Inu styles, these cushions are not just a support – they're your ticket to a stylish and cozy seating experience.

Crafted from the plushest plush material, each 55cm cushion is a snuggle-worthy masterpiece, filled with the fluffiest PP Cotton for that cloud-like comfort. Transform your sofa into a haven of relaxation, with the added bonus of a cute and quirky companion.

Lumbar support with a side of charm, a touch of personality to your living space, and the promise of endless comfort as you binge-watch your favourite shows. Upgrade your lounging game with our Plush Paradise Sofa Cushion Backrests – because your back deserves a blend of support and snuggles, served with a side of adorable flair!




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