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Hugo, Friends and the Machine

Hugo, Friends and the Machine

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Introducing Hugo, Friends, and the Machine – the plush doll band that's not just a cuddle crew; they're a symphony of adorable chaos! Falling under the Plush Doll category, these quirky pals redefine plush perfection with their super-soft short plush fur and the fluffiest pp cotton filling.

Meet the starring quartet:

  •  Lia the Lion – the mane attraction, bringing a roar of cuddly charm.
  •  Dino the Dinosaur – a dino-mite addition, ready to make your heart Jurassic-sized.
  •  Hugo the Hippo – the cuddle maestro, spreading hippo happiness far and wide.
  •  Peggy the Pig – the oink-tastic sensation, turning every cuddle into a piggy party.

At a perfect 23cm size, these plush rockstars are ready to hit the stage of your heart. They're not just plush dolls; they're a plush doll band on a mission to steal your snuggles and make your days musically marvelous.

Join Hugo, Friends, and the Machine on a plush adventure where laughter, love, and cuddles take center stage. Because who needs a concert ticket when you can have a front-row seat to the plush symphony of a lifetime?


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