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Food Plushies

Food Plushies

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Indulge in the cutest feast for the eyes with our Food Plushies collection! From shrimp pizza to juicy watermelons, delectable croissants to cheesy pizzas, we've got a plushie for every foodie and furry friend out there. Each plushie is crafted with plush material, making them irresistibly soft and huggable. These adorable food replicas are perfect for playtime with your furry pals or simply as quirky decorations for your home. Treat your pets and yourself to a culinary adventure without the calories!

Product Information:
- Material: Plush
- Types: Shrimp Pizza, Pink Sliced Watermelon, Red Triangle Watermelon, Double Bone Bread, Sausage, Hamburger, Croissant, Yellow Triangle Watermelon, White Sliced Orange, Red Kiwifruit, Pink Grapefruit, Large Turkey Leg, Ice Cream Bucket, Powder Sausage, Cheese Pizza, Coffee, Green Kiwi Ice Cream Bucket, Blue Bread French Drumstick, Bread Drumstick Wrap, Ham Roll, Round Watermelon, Round Orange
- Applicable Pet Categories: Dog, Cat, General
- Note: Edge below the yellow triangle may be random white or pink

Size Information:
- Shrimp Butter-Pizza: Approximately 12.5 * 12.5 * 3.5cm, Weight: About 25g
- Sliced Watermelon/Pink: Approximately 16 * 7.5 * 6cm, Weight: 18g
- Double Bone Bag: Approximately 18 * 5.5 * 5cm, Weight: About 20g
- Triangular Watermelon/Yellow and White: Approximately 12 * 12 * 8.5cm, Weight: 16g
- Cone: Approximately 16 * 7.5 * 7.5cm, Weight: About 24g
- Round Watermelon: Approximately 10 * 10 * 8.5cm, Weight: About 38g
- A Round Orange: Approximately 9 * 9 * 7.5cm, Weight: Approximately 30g

Packing List:
- Pet Toy * 1

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