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Sitting Capybara Huggable

Sitting Capybara Huggable

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Meet our Capybara Sitting Turtle – the unexpected mashup of coziness and quirkiness that's ready to turtle-y transform your cuddle game! Crafted with European mink velvet, this plush companion isn't just a sitting turtle; it's a plushy chuckle waiting to happen.

In three sizes – 23cm, 33cm, and the grand 45cm – our Capybara Sitting Turtle defies the laws of cuteness with its down cotton-filled charm. Weighing in at a feather-light 0.19kg for the petite cuddler, 0.41kg for the midsize snuggler, and 0.78kg for the ultimate plush aficionado, this turtle is no heavyweight – unless you count its adorable factor!

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Our Capybara Sitting Turtle is not just a plush; it's a comedic masterpiece, a sitting turtle ready to sprinkle laughter into your everyday snuggle sessions. Dive into the plushy hilarity, embrace the mink velvet comfort, and let the turtle-tastic charm take your cuddles to a whole new level! Because, really, who said turtles can't be capybaras too?

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