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Mini Penguin Plush Toy

Mini Penguin Plush Toy

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Meet our Mini Penguin Plush Toy – because big personalities come in small, cuddly packages! Available in three adorable sizes – 22cm, 38cm, and 48cm – this pint-sized pal is here to steal hearts and bring joy.

Crafted from the softest plush material, these penguins are the epitome of snuggle-worthy perfection. But wait, there's more! They come dressed in style with a choice of pink hat, blue hat, or beige hat – because even penguins have a fashion sense.

Whether you opt for the compact cuteness of 22cm or go big with the 48cm delight, our Mini Penguin Plush Toy promises more than just hugs. It's a fashion-forward, personality-packed addition to your plush collection, ready to waddle its way into your heart. Get ready to embrace the mini-magic and let the penguin cuteness take centre stage!

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