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Dumpling Plushie Pillow

Dumpling Plushie Pillow

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Introducing our Dumpling Plush Perfection – the ultimate cuddle companions in white and blue! Crafted with a heavenly blend of plush and pp cotton, these snuggle buddies redefine softness and comfort.

Choose your ideal size from our lineup:

  • The compact 18cm, your pocket-sized plushie pal.
  • The huggable 40cm, perfect for everyday cuddles.
  • The statement-making 55cm, a plush upgrade for maximum comfort.
  • The monumental 95cm, because sometimes, bigger is indeed better!

Whether you're seeking a petite companion or a plush giant, our White and Blue wonders cater to your every snuggle need. Dive into a world of softness and choose the size that suits your cuddle cravings – because plush dreams do come true!


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