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LED Eternal Flower Bears

LED Eternal Flower Bears

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Step into a realm where love blooms eternally with our captivating Eternal Rose Bear. Each bear is a sensory delight, with vibrant hues that tantalize the eyes and scents so flavorful, they transport you to a garden of endless romance. Soft to the touch and visually stunning, this plush bear is a tactile delight, perfect for anyone who dares to dream of everlasting love. With LED lights casting a soft, romantic glow, it's packaged in a sleek black gift box, ready to dazzle from the moment it's unveiled. Indulge in the magic of everlasting love with the Eternal Rose Bear.


Product Information:


  1. Wine Red
  2. Red
  3. Rose Red
  4. Deep Pink
  5. Light Pink
  6. Remix Pink
  7. Orange
  8. Yellow
  9. Milk White
  10. White
  11. Black


  • Each bear comes with LED light
  • Default packaging: Black gift box


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