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I Love You Teddy

I Love You Teddy

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Introducing our adorable "I Love You" Teddy Bear! With its soft cotton hugs and charming heart shape, it's more than just a plush toy—it's a cuddly declaration of affection! Perfect for kids aged three and up, this bear is filled with cozy PP cotton, making it irresistibly snuggly. Available in sweet white or gentle beige, it's a heartfelt gift that speaks volumes. But remember, while it spreads love, keep it away from fire for a safe and snug adventure!

Material: Cotton

- Crafted with soft and cuddly cotton material.

Age Range: Suitable for ages > 3 years old
- Designed for children aged three years and above.
- Features a charming heart shape design for added sweetness.

Type: Plush/Nano Doll
- Falls under the plush doll category, specifically designed in a nano size for portability.

Warning: Keep away from fire
- Important safety warning to prevent any potential hazards.

Filling: PP Cotton
- Filled with high-quality PP cotton for a plush and huggable feel.

Features: Stuffed & Plush
- Offers a stuffed and plush design for maximum comfort and cuddliness.

Size: Approximately 50cm
- Measures around 50cm in size, perfect for snuggling.

Color Options: White, Beige
- Available in two delightful colours: white and beige.





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