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Cutie Doll

Cutie Doll

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Introducing our Chubby Cheeked Cute Plushie Family – the fluffier-than-life, hilariously adorable plush pals that are here to redefine cuddles with a side of giggles! Standing at a compact 30cm and weighing in at a feather-light 250g or the grand 40cm at a hefty 450g, these bears are not just plushies; they're your ticket to a plush-induced laughter fest!

Meet the Starring Trio in our Bear Fiesta:

  • Demi the Dino – because who said dinosaurs can't be cute, chubby, and downright hilarious?
  • Ricardo the Rabbit – the floppy-eared, cheeky companion ready to bounce into your heart.
  • Sunny the Sunflower – bringing a touch of floral flair and sunshine to your cuddle squad.

Crafted with the plushest fluff and sporting cheeks chubbier than your favourite dessert, our Cute Plushie Family are not just bears; they're an embodiment of joy, a plushy comedy show ready to tickle your funny bone.

Why settle for an ordinary bear when you can have a teddy with extra cheeky charm? Dive into the world of hilarity, choose your fluffy accomplice – Demi, Ricardo, or Sunny – and let the laughter-infused cuddles commence! Because when life gives you bears, make sure they're chubby-cheeked and ready to spread smiles!

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