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Round Plush Puppy

Round Plush Puppy

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Introducing our Cute Round Plush Puppy – because being adorable is a round-the-clock job for these delightful doggies! Whether you fancy the Shiba Inu's charm, the "Expensive Dog" elegance, the Bulldog's goofy grin, or the Beagle's boundless enthusiasm, we've got a round plush companion for every dog lover.

In two convenient sizes – 25cm for those compact cuddles and  35cm for a plush pal with extra personality – these round puppies are a testament to cuteness in every dimension. Crafted from the softest short plush and stuffed with the fluffiest PP Cotton, they're not just plushies; they're instant mood lifters.

Don't just settle for square when you can have round plush perfection! Embrace the cuddly charm of our Cute Round Plush Puppy, because everyone deserves a round of adorable in their lives. Get ready to experience the cuteness, one round hug at a time!

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