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King Trumpet Sleeping Doll

King Trumpet Sleeping Doll

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Meet the King Trumpet Sleeping Plushie – where royalty meets relaxation in a symphony of plush perfection! Crafted from the plushest plush material with an elastic super-soft touch, this isn't just a plushie; it's your VIP ticket to the kingdom of coziness.

Available in majestic Pink and regal Brown, these sleeping trumpets come in three sizes – 50cm, 60cm, and the grand 80cm – offering a royal range of cuddle options. Stuffed with the fluffiest PP cotton, each plushie is a nod to comfort that's fit for a king.

Size matters, especially when it comes to royal snuggles – the 50cm is the lightweight dream at 0.4kg, the 60cm is the midsize marvel at 0.7kg, and the 80cm is the plush powerhouse at 1.4kg. Choose your size, pick your color, and let the King Trumpet Sleeping Plushie lull you into a realm of majestic relaxation. Because who said royal treatment is only for humans?

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