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Lovers Rose Bear

Lovers Rose Bear

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Behold the Lovers Rose Teddy – the perfect blend of softness, charm, and cuddle-ready elegance! Filled with the fluffiest PP cotton known to teddy-kind, this 25cm wonder is not just a plushie; it's a floral-infused symphony of snuggles.

Available in enchanting shades of Pink, Dark Green, Light Brown, and Dark Brown, each Teddy is a testament to love and fluffiness. Picture this: a rose that never wilts and is as soft as a cloud – that's the magic our Woolly Lovers Rose Teddy brings to the table (or rather, the embrace).

Why settle for a regular teddy when you can have a rose-infused, woolly wonder that's a celebration of love and coziness? Indulge in the softness, immerse in the charm, and gift yourself or your special someone a bouquet of everlasting cuddles with our Lovers Rose Teddy!




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