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Bow Tie Teddy

Bow Tie Teddy

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Get ready to unleash the dapper beast within with our Bow Tie Teddy – because even teddy bears deserve a touch of sophistication! Available in Teddy Bear Red, Teddy Bear Blue, Teddy Bear Dark Brown, and Teddy Bear Light Brown, these bow tie-wearing companions are not just cute; they're fashion-forward fluffballs.

Why settle for a regular teddy when you can have a teddy in a bow tie? Elevate your snuggle game, make a plush statement, and let your teddy bear proudly rock the bow tie – because being cute has never been this suave!

Choose from three sizes – 25cm, 35cm, and 45cm – to match your cuddle requirements or assemble a bear ensemble. Made from the plushest plush material, our Teddy Bears redefine softness standards. The 25cm bear is the lightweight charmer at 0.15kg, the 35cm bear is the cuddle connoisseur at 0.38kg, and the 45cm bear is the heavyweight hugger at 0.6kg.

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